Friday, September 18, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Ok. So, I know that I'm a bit tardy in posting this. We had a HUGE labor day weekend and had so much fun. Mitchell attended his 2nd football game but 1st MSU game. Some of you would say that his first official football game to Ole Miss would not count b/c he was in my belly. I disagree. He was there. It was a very different tailgate than one that we are all use to-our own children were in attendence. It was the first time that we have been able to get Sam, Sawyer & Mitchell together. I tried my hardest to get a pic of the guys with boys (altogether), but I had no luck. Either a child was missing or asleep everytime the adults were around. However, I did get bits and pieces of each.

We also went to my Mom's on Sunday to visit with our family who was in from out of town. I have a copy of the picture that Kate took of the whole family, but I do not know how to get it off of facebook. However, I did capture a pic of James and Mitchell together.

Mitchell also attended the zoo for the first time. We went to Members Only Night with some really good friends of ours, Clark, Amanda & Charlie. The boys had the best time and we are looking forward to going back!

FYI-Mitchell did not wear the same football outfit for MSU gameday to the Zoo. The one for the Zoo was red for the REBS game day that Sunday.