Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Dr. Appt

Well, still not much to report. I have yet to do anything and I'm seriously starting to think that some of you, who are due in December and January, are definitely going to have your little ones before me!! We've got 8 days until his EDD and I'm praying that maybe I will be one of those who just goes all at once since I have yet to dilate! Everyone please keep your fingers crossed. As always, hopefully, I'll have something to report from the next appointment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dr. Update = No real update

Well, I had another appointment today. The only progress that has been made in the last week is that I gained a few lbs and Mitchell is definitely head down and ready to go. Hopefully, I will have more to report next Tuesday!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Doctor Update

I started my weekly visits today....and, quite honestly, not much to report than the normal! Mitchell's heartrate was good and my weight gain and measurements are on track. As for being dialated and such, I think Mitchell wants to stay in my belly forever! I'm not sure why I am disappointed. I did not really expect to have made any progress. My doctor did say that he seemed to be in the correct position. So, I guess that is a start! Hopefully, there will be more to report next Tuesday!!

Baby Showers

I wanted to post a couple of pics from some of our baby showers. Clay & I are so blessed to have such wonderful family & friends. Thanks to all of you who have made this special time in our lives a memorable one!